About Forest Ridge Campground

We are very proud of Forest Ridge Campground and thought you might enjoy a bit of its history. In 2000 Dan McClellan and Linda Coburn opened the campground called, "Hospitality Woods". They worked hard to create a 60 site, state of the art campground with all amenities.

In 2009 Hospitality Woods closed. In the summer of 2012, Lynn, Jeff and Nathan Dyer purchased the campground and Forest Ridge Campground was born. We have been camping since 1987. We started out with a two person tent, moved up to 8 x 10 tent, then to a 12 x 12 tent, then to a 16 x 20 tent, then to a used pop-up for two years, then to a new pop-up, which we used for about 5 years, then to a 28 foot fifth wheel and in 2009 we purchased a new 32 foot Jayco G2/Jay Flight. So now it was only appropriate for us to take the next step and buy a campground.

As with opening any new business, opening the campground has been a big challenge. A lot of pros and cons and a lot of tough decisions. A lot of changes have been made to our facilities over the past seven years, and we have a list that keeps growing every day. In the fall of 2017 we acquired an additional 20 acres of abutting property and we have already started our plans for expanding in the next few years!

Many THANKS to all the campers who stopped by the campground the past seven seasons. You have made our business venture a "successful venture". We're glad that you gave us the chance. Many thanks also need to go out to all our family, friends and work campers for ALL OF THE HELP. Your help with the mowing, pruning trees, removing dead trees, clearing brush, splitting firewood, setting up the office, working in the office, painting the bathrooms, painting the exterior of our facilities and all other things on our "To-Do" list. MANY Thanks! Without your help and time this would not be possible. THANK YOU!

Lynn, Jeff and Nathan